Match Reports

Walsall Wood v Lye Town......

Walsall Wood F.C. 3 v 3 Lye Town F.C.
Saturday 31st August 2019

The beautifully manured green grass football field glinted in the afternoon sun, freshly watered by a fleeting shower and  the stiff goal nets glinted and swayed in the gentle breeze that tickled the corner flags. The ruler-straight white lines and the freshly decorated clubhouse all combined to bring a heart-warming sense of expectation and excitement for spectators, players and officials at Oak Park today.

It is always a pleasure to welcome Lye Town footballers and  their spectators, too. A friendly smile, a handshake and a glass of neck oil before the match and the spirit of local soccer shone brightly.

The match brought a shock early goal for Lye and a suddenly the Wood knew that a full ninety minutes’ endeavour and thrusting football was on the cards. Both sides showed the skills  that spectators are privileged to witness in most matches and certainly in every Lye-Walsall Wood match. Good, accurate passing and ball control by both teams, plus a variety of moves to launch attacking moves, to perform some brilliant tackling moves and turning, athletic leaping and heading of the ball, this match had everything.

It took the Wood most of the first half to gain that merciful goal to bring the scores level at one goal each.

Half time brought a much needed break for managers to consider the fruits of their  respective teams’ first half endeavours, and for spectators to compare notes, enjoy refreshment, and wonder how the second half would evolve. Lye had showed the Wood that they were no easy team to beat. The Wood needed to adapt and adopt if they were to win this match

The goalkeepers had been a delight to watch.

The second half brought its own suspense as Lye went ahead, two goals, then three goals to one. Surely the Wood could come back at least to draw level? A penalty awarded to Lye, a fine goal to Lye. Then, some deft and timely substitutions were made by the home team, to bring fresh legs and lungs. A full-on determination was now evident in both sides. Both teams wanted to win this match, of all matches.

There was very little untoward play by any player in this encounter. The officials were thus allowed to enjoy a game played by two sporting sides. Spectators appreciated the range of skills that this match encompassed and displayed.

The final result was a well deserved three goals to three goals draw and Lye will go home well pleased with their performance, despite the call of ‘Where am we?’ from their bench at one moment during the latter stages of the game.